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Omnichannel Marketing with QR Codes

Mobile Optimized Landing Pages!

Easily create, launch and manage QR codes that are linked to customizable landing pages that deliver a better customer experience than websites. Book more appointments, drive up sales, deliver customer resources with a quick scan of a QR code!

Maximize Every Customer Interaction With Your Brand.

QR PRO Connect provides the power and flexibility to launch your omnichannel strategy swiftly—taking minutes instead of months.

Social media

Get more followers, views, likes and visibility with QR codes linked to your profiles.

Marketing optimization

Get actionable intelligence for all your marketing QR codes.


Drive more online sales by creating custom landing pages & mobile sites.


Grow your audience faster than ever

Our innovative platform is built with your marketing goals in mind, enabling you to identify successful campaigns and pinpoint areas that need improvement. By leveraging the powerful features of QR PRO Connect, you can maximize your marketing ROI, boost customer engagement, and drive business growth.

INCREASE Engagement
mobile freindly websites
use your Branding
get more followers
Launch new products
real-time analytics

Affordable monthly & annual plans for any budget.

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Our innovative platform is built with your marketing goals in mind, enabling you to identify successful campaigns and pinpoint areas that need improvement. By leveraging the powerful features of QR PRO Connect, you can maximize your marketing ROI, boost customer engagement, and drive business growth.

QR PRO Connect Portal Features

Generate a dynamic QR Code and link the code to any website. Change the target URL of a dynamic QR Code anytime without printing the QR Code again.

Obtain analytics about the number of unique visitors, total number of scans and detailed information about each scan. Our tracking is fully GDPR & CCPA compliant.

Download QR Codes in various formats as scalable vector graphics as CMYK or RGB in SVGEPS, or PDF format. Print Vector QR Codes in any size on small cards or posters.

Design QR Codes with your coloursshapes and logo to match your corporate identity. Online designer tool. No Photoshop needed and ready to print QR Codes.

Get high accurate tracking positions of your visitors by requesting the location from a user’s phone. Use this feature if you want to know, where the QR Codes were scanned.

In the batch creator you can generate mass QR Codes with just one click. Each QR Code is personalized. This is accomplished by encoding a unique id in each QR Code.

By creating lots of QR Code campaigns you might lose track at some point. You can easily organize and archive your QR Codes in folders per drag & drop.

On the platform you can easily create mobile-friendly landing pages. You can choose from various landing page templates, like business cards or coupons. Promote your real estates or sell your products with just a view clicks. No programming skills are needed.

If the person accepts to share the location, the position where the QR Code has been scanned will be transmitted using the built in HTML5 Geolocation function.

You can visualize the scans on your account’s dashboard or display it on your own website using our QR Map Widget.

When submitting a GPS position a secured connection is required, otherwise the location is not sent. By using our service, we will always provide you with a SSL connection during the tracking process.

A GPS position can only be retrieved if the visitor gives his consent.

Onboarding Is A Breeze!

QR PRO Connect has built-in tutorials, FAQs and tool-tips to help you get started. Helpful tips/tricks and information about features at your fingertips. NO lengthy onboarding or additional fees. 


Maximize Marketing ROI and Boost Customer Engagement

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your marketing strategy with QR PRO Connect, the ultimate QR code management solution trusted by business owners and marketers alike. Empower your marketing campaigns with data-driven insights and achieve new heights of success.

Get an E-Mail notifications whenever one of your QR Codes is scanned, including device info and location. Catch up with potential customers that might be in your vicinity when scanning the code.

You can set how often and at which time a user is redirected to a specific website, after scanning the QR Code. The routing automatically adapts to the time zone of the user.

The URL encoded in the QR code runs over a secure HTTPS connection. If the destination URL is no longer available or broken, you will receive an email.

Export your statistics of all your QR Codes with the creation date, first & last scan date, the number of scans, the number of unique visitors.

URLs are automatically shortened when creating a trackable QR Code. Shortened URLs contain a non-human-readable string e.g.

However, you can set a customized URL instead:

Those URLs are called Vanity URLs.

Gain consumer trust, when using  a customized URL instead of a random value. By setting a custom URL, you can also give the user a notion of what awaits after scanning the code.

Use QR Codes for lead generation and list building by creating forms where you can collect user contact information.

When you are creating landing pages for your QR Codes and they are getting shared on social media platforms like FacebookTwitter or WhatsApp, you will see in your statistics how many visits you get from different channels.

The QR Codes that Touchless-digital created for my packing were amazing! The reports and analytics that the platform provides are very valuable to manage my marketing spend!

Kenny GrassHole

QR codes make it easy for our guests to access our event calendar without having to enter a long web address. We don't have to create a new QR code for every month, we just upload the new month and attach it to our existing QR code, saving $$ on printing.

John Dockside Inn

We use QR codes and the PRO Connect landing pages for our customers to access our menus. We are saving a TON on printing and its super easy to swap out menus when we need to!

Lise & Bill Blue Giraffe

Listed on your favorite digital marketplaces!

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